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Hybrid UV ink


Used for 395nm LED light

Low viscous ink

Environmental protection acrylic system,without any harmful and volatile organic solvent

Nanoscale grinding technology,the maximum particle size of ink (D99) is less than 300nm

Distinctive hand feeling formula,the 3D embossment feeling is more prominent after curing

Ultra-high white coverage, true 0 discoloration

Distinctive super bright white formula,anti-yellowing white ink after curing

Overcoming common cracking problem and more convenient to operate in low tempetature

Formulated for use in flexible applications

Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fade.


C M Y BK LC LM W Varnish


Printing condition suggestions


2.Humidity:less than 65%.

Storage Suggestions:

1.Sealed well and kept in conditions with 15-28℃

2.Cool dry place away from light,ventilation environment

3.sealed and stored 12 months , once opened should be used within 1 week. Can’t be mixed with other solvents


1.Good flexibility, Good tensile property

2.Specially print 3D effect

3.Wide printing on epson (DX5/DX7/4720/I3200/S3200)/Ricoh (GH2220/gen5/gen6)/Konica 1024i/A/Seiko 1024 /Toshiba CE4M/Kyocera head


Technical specifications

For Epson DX5/6/7, XP 600,TX800,4720, Epson I 3200
Model Viscosity(25℃) /cps Surface tention/ N/cm nanometrics /nm Wave number Absorption
C 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤110 616 0.396
M 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤190 538.5 0.203
Y 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤160 432 0.404
K 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤130 400 0.342
W 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤280    
LM 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤190 538.5 0.053
LC 5.0-6.0 27-29 ≤110 616 0.124
Varnish 5.0-6.0 27-29 /    


For Ricoh Ricoh G5/G6 and Konica 1024i/A
MODEL Viscosity(45℃)/cp Surface tention/N/cm Nanometric/nm Wavelengh/nm Intensity
K 8.8-9.5 22-24 121.3 400 0.529
C 8.5-9.5 22-24 105.4 617 0.48
M 8.0-9.0 22-24 175.1 537 0.339
Y 8.5-9.5 22-24 161.3 431.5 0.448
W 8.0-9.0 22-24 253.9 /




Soft film, Leather, Car sticker, static sticker, COATED BANNER, Canvas, Light cloth, Wall paper, Wall fabric, lamp sheet, acrylic, Foamed PVC sheet/Foamboard, PET/PC/PP substrates.
Adhesion should always be tested as adhesion does depend upon curing conditions, age and manufacturer of substrate. Adhesion maybe improved when the substrate is cleaned with a suitable solvent such as isopropanol.

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