INKGIANT integrated UV DTF roll to roll printer BF-60E3/E4-UV-S

Zhengzhou Bigfoot Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.



Model Type BF-60E3/E4-UV-S
Print head 3/4 pcs*epson head




Speed 8Pass:3-5m²/h
RIP software FlexiPRINT
Color CMYK+W+LC+LM+Varnish(+Glue)
Color control ICC color profile with adjust function
Print width 600mm
Ink UV ink


Operation Environment

Power for printer 50Hz/60Hz    110V/220V    10-20A  
Operating system Windows7 or Above
Application Suitable for all walks of life, rich transfer materials, packaging carton, acrylic board, PVC board, KT board, steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, glass, marble and other materials can be transferred print;
Image format Bitmap,Tiff,Jpeg,Eps,Pdf


Machine size: 1600*960*1300mm (L*W*H)
Packing size: 2130*1080*1500mm (L*W*H)
Net weight: 228KG       Gross weight: 332KG





1. 4-head ink stack design: the printer can be equipped with 3 or 4 heads, can use AB film solution, can also print direct-spray glue solution, can also be used for bronzing and silver stamping scheme, one machine is multi-purpose, very flexible
2. Use epson head: epson original head, high precision, fine reslution
3. Integrated printing and laminating: saving machine cost, convenient operation, and labor saving
4. Flexiprint rip software: advanced color management function, which can ensure the accuracy and consistency of printing quality, and supports multiple file formats such as PNG, TIFF, etc.
5. Honson board: the best printing control board at present, which ensures the precise operation of the machine and stable printing quality
6. Double emergency stop: double protection, more secure
7. Ink barrel lack of ink alarm



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